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Monday, 27 February 2017

Benefits of studying in a regional University in Australia

There are a number of higher education providers located in regional and country Australia, which give you the opportunity to explore ‘the real Australia’ outside the big capital cities

A few cities in Australia have been given the status of being regional. These towns or cities are generally bit away from the main cities of Australia but in themselves they are developed and advanced cities.

Regional cities of Australia have all the facilities that are available in larger cities but have had less population growth. The universities situated in regional areas are amongst the Top Best Australian Universities. Many large companies are situated in these cities.

Some regional universities have been in existence for half a century or more, attract many students from metropolitan areas and overseas and have deserved international reputations for innovative approaches to teaching and research.

A few examples of regional cities Adelaide, Tasmania (Hobart), Ballart, Townsville, Rockhampton, Darwin etc

 A few benefits of studying in a regional based University
§                *  Low cost of living as compared to larger cities
§               *  Availability of part time jobs
§              *  Higher minimum wages while working part time
§              *  Chances of gaining extra 5 points towards Permanent Residency
§              *  Less competition

Popular Regional Australian universities:
§  *University of Tasmania 
§  *University of Ballarat - Main Campus @ Ballarat, Victoria
§  *Central Queensland University
§  *Charles Darwin University
§  *James Cook University
§  *Southern Cross University
§  *University of New England
§  *University of Southern Queensland
§  *University of South Australia
§  *University of Adelaide
§  *University of Sunshine Coast 

  PR Benefit
If you are thinking about applying for permanent residency in Australia once your studies are over, living and studying in a regional area will give you a distinct advantage. Study in a regional area will grant you five extra points in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s points test for skilled migration visa applications.



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